Barbie Carney Named Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to Barbie Carney, who was selected as Somers Point’s 2017 Volunteer of the Year by the Somers Point Recreation Commission.  This award is given annually in honor of the late “Autsie” Elwell to an individual who demonstrates an extraordinary amount of volunteer work involving Somers Point’s recreational programs and its facilities.

Ms. Carney has spent a large portion of her adult life giving time to the community, children and recreational environment in her hometown of Somers Point.  She is the Founder and longtime President (2010-2017) of the women’s Jersey Shore Powder Puff League (JSPPL).  She works with local Somers Point businesses to create strong sponsorships and strong support from the players to support the business community in return. JSPPL is a non-profit and donates its proceeds each year to the Art Elwell Scholarship Fund, the family for which this award was started in honor of.  In addition, the league also donates to Pulmonary Fibrosis Research in honor of Barbie’s late father, Randy.

For the past five years, Barbie has volunteered and organized the JSPPL players and coaches to help run the children’s activity area on Morrow Beach at Bayfest.  They have volunteered time, money and purchased supplied to provide popular kids’ games for the children at the event.  This includes the popular goldfish toss where kids look forward to winning a goldfish each year!

Additionally, Ms. Carney served as a member of the Somers Point Recreation Commission from 2013-2017. She was highly involved in all of her committee assignments and served as an active liason to the Beach Concert Committee.  Her research and advocacy led directly to the purchase of a new stage awning as well as much-needed improvements to the “beach house” facility.

Barbie volunteers for countless children’s and community events and always is available and offering to help whenever someone is needed.  She has tirelessly put work into fixing and improving the Kern Field Snack Stand, even twisting her fiance’s arm to donate a new hot water heater to the facility (Thank you, No Swell Plumbing)!  We thank Barbie for giving 100% to Somers Point and truly caring about our community!

Somers Point Recreation Commission
Paul Huber, Chairman
Matt Endicott
Kristian Gardner
Michael Owen
Michael Stewart
CER Director: Sydney Somers


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